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At the Unicorn Cup, we are inviting all legal Standard/Micro-processors & Personal & Personal Medical producers in our community to submit their cannabis flowers and concentrates to our Cannabis Comparison!

You have the opportunity to participate in having your best cannabis assessed alongside others by casual and experienced consumers, cannabis celebrities and experts for the top three rankings of each sub-category! 

How to get involved? Contact us ASAP!

You must be a legal, licensed Standard/Micro-processor or enter under Personal producer to be eligible for this event.

To begin entry, please contact the Unicorn Cup Compliance Team using the form or to to verify your category or ask any additional questions. As your information is received and reviewed, we will reach out with the detailed requirements to participate in the Unicorn Cup Cannabis Comparison. All legal Canadian requirements will be outlined to standardize a framework of compliance across marketing and participation. Category spaces are limited so don’t hesitate!

ENTRY DEADLINE – JUNE 24TH for all product submissions.

licensed standard/micro processor category

  • Light Assisted (Indoor) Flower- 60 grams
  • Concentrates- Resin, Rosin- 15 grams 

Personal Producer Category

  • Light Assisted (Indoor) or Sun Grown (Outdoor) Flower- 60 grams
  • Concentrates- Bubble Hash, Dry Sift Hash, Frenchy Cannoli Traditional Hash, Rosin- 15 grams


Dried Flower – Must be delivered in two separate submissions of 30 grams each to follow Provincial retail consumer single transaction regulations set by the LCRB.

Concentrates – Must be delivered in two separate submissions of 7.5 grams each to follow Provincial retail consumer single transaction regulations set by the LCRB.

You must adhere to Canadian governance for cannabis production. Entry into two designated categories is available; Licensed Standard/Micro-producers or Personal producer.

For the rules to participate and for product drop off information, contact us for any inquiries. Thank you for participating. Best of Luck! 

Celebrate the Spirit of Cannabis with 3 DAYS OF DJ music, lake camping, cannabis education and more!!

Located near Salmo, BC you will find us at Rosebud Lake where British Columbia’s beautiful mountains and skyline touch the glistening, cool waters of the lake. We are in the heart of the Kootenay region and at the epicentre of BC Cannabis Culture. Join us for THREE DAYS of lakeside camping, floating on a paddle board, enjoying the best of Kootenay’s cannabis culture. Spend the day at the lake or learn more about cannabis but be ready to move when the DJs come out at night!  

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August 12-14th, 2022

Let your magic be sparked