Cannabis Comparison


The Unicorn Cup Cannabis Comparison provides education and guidance to VIU (Very Important Unicorns) guests between the nuances of cannabis in its flower, solvent-less and solvent form. Our focus is educating guests on how to assess cannabis using a basic foundation of criteria; visual, scent, taste and effect. Different factors such as methods of production, genetics  and expertise are all factors we aim to highlight so VIUs can learn something new that helps them make more informed choices. 

All entries are carefully assessed and analyzed by both casual and experienced cannabis consumers, looking at look, smell, taste, effect and potency. Within the different categories, VIUs will be assessing a number of different entries including examples of some of the best commercial recreational brands in the market today. 

Our goal is to educate our guests on how to assess quality cannabis products as well as help producers understand what people are looking for, what factors are considered and what they like. We believe that it will take education and communication between consumers and producers to create the best cannabis experience and  brands in the marketplace. We hope you participate in the Cannabis Comparison and share your assessment and opinions on BC’s best cannabis! See you at camp!!

Cannabis Comparision Results at The Unicorn Cup at Rosebud Lake in Kootenay BC

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Outdoor & Light Assisted

non-solvent concentrates

Hash & Rosin

Solvent Concentrates

Live Resin & Shatter


Our VIU (Very Important Unicorns) are cannabis consumers that are stoked on the opportunity to appreciate legal, high quality Canadian cannabis. They seek out the finest quality in their brands, and consume products that keep them feeling elevated on all levels of life. With a seat at the Unicorn Cup Cannabis Comparison, we provide education with proven assessment concepts for analyzing quality, considering factors such as taste, smell, look, effect and production methods. It’s a true honour to gather with like-minded cannabis enthusiasts, to educate and connect producers and consumers in our market. Join us as a VIU for this special experience. 

This year we go recreational

Submit your best flower, hash, rosin, live resin or shatter and be a part of our Cannabis Comparison!

categories Accepting BC'S BEST CANNABIS SUBMISSIONS FROM legal, Licensed, standard/Micro-processors & Personal-Use acmpr producers!

Celebrate the Spirit of Cannabis with 3 DAYS OF DJ music, lake camping, cannabis education and more!!

Located near Salmo, BC you will find us at Rosebud Lake where British Columbia’s beautiful mountains and skyline touch the glistening, cool waters of the lake. We are in the heart of the Kootenay region and at the epicentre of BC Cannabis Culture. Join us for THREE DAYS of lakeside camping, floating on a paddle board, enjoying the best of Kootenay’s cannabis culture. Spend the day at the lake or learn more about cannabis but be ready to move when the DJs come out at night!  

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August 12-14th, 2022

Let your magic be sparked