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Unicorns do it better

The Annual Unicorn Cup is BC’s premiere 3 day music, camping and cannabis education and comparison event! We are a music festival celebrating the spirit of cannabis, regenerative farming practices and bridging the gap between governance, legal producers, consumers and the transitioning legacy market. Over the course of 3 days, you will enjoy 2 nights of great DJ music with top headliners performing, picturesque lakeside camping and 2 days of incredible cannabis education and comparisons!

Our musical lineup and beautiful lakeside location attracts both casual and experienced cannabis consumers and introduces them to the Kootenay cannabis culture and BC producers, providing opportunities to connect with real people who make up the cannabis consumer public.

Nestled in the Kootenay region of BC, this region is at the heart of BC Cannabis culture and is rich in cannabis history. Located at Rosebud Lake, BC the Unicorn Cup uniquely allows our guests the option of spending three days camping and socializing with friends old and new. Come join us and be a part of this tradition! Founded in 2018.

Team Unicorn Cup

Team Unicorn

We are professionals and connoisseurs of cannabis who elevate the consciousness of our community together through discussing sustainable and innovative ideas taking place in the culture today. We bring together a kaleidoscope of talent, each driven by love for cannabis and ability to help cultivate the world around us. With passion for the spirit of cannabis and the community behind our team, we gather like-minded people to teach and promote the conscious practices and businesses that support a regenerative cannabis culture. The Unicorn Cup is a place for people to show their love for cannabis and bring their curiosity to learn from scholars, legends, pioneers, O.G.s, and cannabis professionals, all continuing the conversation of sustainability in the industry. And, to have a smoking good dance party for the weekend! We are excited to host you.

Unicorn Cup Regenerative Farmed Cannabis

Our Mission

The Unicorn Cup believes in highlighting the Regenerative Farming Movement that is happening in cannabis and hemp farms across BC. Sustainability in our practices and replenishing the environment as we cultivate better soils, holistic practices, and the highest appreciation for the cannabis spirit herself all leads to the regeneration of Mother Earth as we grow our medicine. 
We bring together Cannabis Unicorns of the Industry who have a passion to teach about the practices that can take organic cannabis farms to another level.We support Cannabis Education sessions that feature Regenerative Farming Practices and its benefits to the quality of cannabis; its production, it’s consumer value and quality and its place in today’s Cannabis. 
Che Leblanc, Founder of Rosebud Farms


Krystal Walters, Executive Director of Unicorn Cup


executive director / Cofounder
Dennis Park, Founder at Craft Greenery Cannabis and co-founder of The Ganjier


media & OPERATIONS / Cofounder


intake coordinator / cofounder
Noel Liese, Founder of Nectars Collective


operations / cofounder


Promotional coordinator

Thank you for making our 5th Annual event a success!

Thank you for joining us for an amazing THREE DAYS of lakeside camping and fun, enjoying the best of Kootenay’s cannabis culture while listening to a great music and cannabis speaker lineup.  We look forward to taking things to new heights next year and bringing together an amazing group of people to celebrate music, education, culture and cannabis!

Our 2022 unicorn cup PROMOTERS

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