Speaker Sessions

Sharing knowledge between experts, producers and consumers

The Unicorn Cup Speaker Sessions are focused on providing relevant education to both industry participants and the casual consumer. We are excited to have Education Sessions filled with guidance rooted in experience for growing cannabis in support of regenerating Mother Earth. This, alongside promoting access to professional information for the legacy market to better understand transitioning their businesses into the legal market.

Unicorn Cup is proud to host two days of conversations and panels with cannabis educators, wisdom keepers of regenerative farming and genetics, as well as experts and connoisseurs from across Canada and the US. We bring together the cannabis community to continue the conversation about regeneration, sustainability, cultivation methods and practices, genetics, extraction and so much more, year after year. 

Kelly of Dragonfly Earth Medicine speaking at The Unicorn Cup at Rosebud Lake in Kootenay BC
Kevin Jodrey, Ganjier Zero and Founder of Wonderland Nursery in Humboldt County, CA

EARTH, FUEL, FLORAL, FRUIT: The Four Scent Categories of Cannabis

saturday, Sept 5th - Time TBD

Kevin Jodrey
Career Hustler

Kevin Jodrey is one of the most well known growers in Humboldt County and is an internationally respected cannabis expert, known for improving and forwarding the modern cannabis movement. As a world renowned hunter of ganja genetics, Kev is fascinated by the search for rare, desirable, and marketable traits.

Kevin is the creator of Port Royal, owner of Wonderland Nursery, and co-founder of The Ganjier. He’s been a cannabis cultivator for decades, running this own operations and offering consulting services to the broader community. He’s spoken at universities, judged at the Emerald Cup, and consulted on cannabis related educational shows for National Geographic and A&E.

Two Day regenerative farming Workshop

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Josh & Kelly
Dragonfly Earth Medicine

Josh Sarvis and Kelly Dunn have been cultivating pure, closed loop cannabis for 25 years. They are Humus Beings dedicated to intentionally and actively educating cannabis gardeners on purity in cultivation. They are passionate about being a clear, conscious voice for the cannabis plant, whom has given so many benefits to all of humanity.

They created Dragonfly Earth Medicine which is not only a nutrient company but also a educational platform for regenerative outdoor and indoor cannabis cultivation. The Pure Certification was also started by DEM and has become a community driven,beyond organic certification for cannabis cultivation and extraction.

Che Leblanc, Founder of Unicorn Cup

Community Cannabis: Rosebuddies Program

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Che LeBlanc
Founder of Rosebud Farms

Che brings three decades of experience in the cannabis industry as a second-generation expert grower. Che has grown and developed hundreds of strains of cannabis for indoor and outdoor production, while incorporating sustainable growing techniques. As a certified permaculturist, he specializes in combining environmental ethics with high yield output by blending technology with regenerative growing techniques.

Shannon Ross, CEO of Antidote

Women in Cannabis Panel: Breaking through the Grass Ceiling

saturday, Sept 5th - Time TBD

Shannon Ross
CEO, Antidote

With over 20 years of experience in cannabis and commercial farming, Shannon Ross (CEO Antidote) is a consultant and advisor for craft cannabis growers across Canada. She recently completed the Community Futures Cannabis Business Transition Initiative assisting 50 small businesses transitioning from legacy to legal. She uses her position to promote the craft cannabis industry and Kootenay cultivators. 

Shannon supports cannabis businesses by providing guidance on licensing requirements, facility design, production, reducing costs of inputs, and increasing profits, while maintaining the long-term health of the planet. Knowledgeable and passionate about sustainable agriculture and helping cannabis growers plan a thriving business from the ground up. In 2020, Shannon co-founded the Cannabis Economic Development Council in the Kootenay region, comprised of local government and the legacy cannabis industry, chaired by Abra Brynne. In 2021 she founded Antidote, a grower-owned standard processing facility in the Kootenay region to support legacy cultivators to have fair market access. 

Noel Liese, Founder of Nectars Collective

Extracting Tech: Solvent and Solventless for Today's market

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Noel Liese
Founder of Nectars Collective, Head of Extraction at Terra & Antidote

It all started in the Mayacamas mountain range of Sonoma county in Northern California. Pioneer of Live Resin concentrates, Noel Liese is the Founder of Nectars Collective. He has been building a way to bring connoisseur quality medicine to the market and educate consumers on the benefits of full spectrum high terpenes extracts since 2012,  in the process creating  a unique extract called Terp Juice™.

Winner of over 20+ awards worldwide Noel has established Nectars as an international championship product.  From collaborations with bands like Sublime to having a feature in Ed Rosenthal’s new book “Beyond Buds” Noel continues to create a brand and product that’s built to last.

Cannabis breeding and genetics are the roots to extracts and truly a love of  Noel’s. Meeting Chem Dog on tour in the 90’s, Noel became a part of the legendary Sour Diesel cultivar crew. Credited to him is the award winning strain from California called Head Band. Noel found his love for cannabis with the culture of live music. Concerts and music festivals is what his lifestyle is about.  A Grateful Dead and Phish fan since 93’ live music is his idea of a real good time.

Mike West, Director of Manufacturing at Cresco Labs

Extracting Tech: Solvent and Solventless for Today's market

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Mike West
Coodinator at Rubicon Organics

Mike West is an advocate, researcher, and entrepreneur in the world of cannabis and hemp. Mike West has established himself as one of the preeminent researchers in the cannabis industry. As a researcher, entrepreneur, author, and adviser to numerous companies in the medical, adult use cannabis, hemp farming, extraction, and products industries his bio reads like a crossbreed somewhere between Raphael Mechoulam and Jack Herer. 

Marcus "Bubbleman" Richardson, Chief Trichome Officer at Whistler Technologies

Extracting Tech: Solvent and Solventless for Today's market

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Marcus "Bubbleman" Richardson
Chief Trichome Officer at Whistler Technologies

Marcus “ Bubble man “ Richardson has been an entrepreneur and a hemp activist since 1993. His fields of experience span from industrial hemp cultivation to cannabis macro photography and advanced medical cannabis extraction methods.

In 1999, Marcus established FreshHeadies, Ltd., The Bubbleman Was born, which helped popularize the water method for extracting cannabis, creating the first three-bag multitasking filtration kit as well as the first 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 bag kits. The bags, known as Bubble Bags, gently extract the glandular trichome heads of the cannabis plant, which contains the highest concentration of THC. Currently, Fresh Headies, Ltd., produces the world’s first and only eight-bag water extraction kits.

Over the years, Marcus’ pioneering products and writing have been featured in magazines including Cannabis Culture, Red Eye, Weed World, High Times, and Heads. He has been an educational speaker at countless conferences and events, including Vancouver’s Greenrush Financial Conference.

Brishna Kamal, Founder of Earth Wolf Farms

Healing Herbal Blends with Cannabis

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Brishna Kamal
Founder, EarthWolf Farms

Brishna grew up in northern Afghanistan, hailing from the same mountainous region that much of the world’s C. indica medical cannabis originated. Brishna received a M.Sc. in Neuroscience from McGill University (2014), studying age-related cortical plasticity in animals and developing a model still used to date in the field. As a student and young researcher, she successfully managed several molecular and cellular labs whereby she became interested in cannabinoid pharmacology. She has been trained by world renowned researchers at the University of Toronto, University of Ottawa and McGill University and is very grateful for her mentors, supervisors, and friends that have supported her along the way. After moving out to Whistler, BC, she served as the Chief Research Officer, Qualified Person in Charge (Dealer’s License), and Extraction Manager at Whistler Medical Marijuana Corp.

In 2017, Brishna co-founded Whistler Therapeutics with the goal of introducing to market, medically proven cannabis therapeutics and contributing to the body of research legitimizing cannabis-based medicines. Brishna co-founded Backcountry Harvest in 2019 to create a long-term sustainable supply of organic cannabis from outdoor farms. Brishna has experience building business from the ground up while keeping quality and costs at mind. Her area of expertise is vast ranging from regulatory to implementation. Brishna is leading the company in development of new processes, new products, research, legal and outreach. She is addicted to bringing ideas to reality and has an innate ability to troubleshoot. 

Pamela West, Crosstrained Cannabis Goat at EarthWolf Farms

Healing Herbal Blends with Cannabis

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Pamela West
Crosstrained Cannabis Goat, EarthWolf Farms

Norml woman and international Women of Weed member who has been part of the cannabis equity and legalization movement since 2010. An avid raw cannabis juicer and hemp fashionista who believes every body should be eating and wearing more hemp.

This cannabis goat currently works with the award winning solventless concentrate makers at Earthwolf Farms as a processing technician and brand ambassador. Work spirit animal is My Little Work Pony, Unicorn Edition.

Dan Sutton, CEO of Tantalus Labs

Healing Herbal Blends with Cannabis

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Dan Sutton
CEO, Tantalus Labs

Dan Sutton is the guy who removes obstacles so his growers can grow, his sellers can sell, and his team can do their best work. He is in year 10 of his journey in the cannabis industry. He loves designing systems, creative problem solving, and above all the cannabis plant. Dan was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and founded Tantalus in 2012 after a career background in tech and finance. He loves politicking cannabis, and he and his team have historically contributed > 40 regulatory amendments to streamline and evolve Canadian cannabis regulation. His work in 2019 was substantially instrumental to the legal challenge and eventual recognition of cannabis as an agricultural crop regulated under normal farm practices by the Agricultural Land Commission in British Columbia. Dan aspires to the growth of a Canadian cannabis industry where even the smallest cannabis firms can thrive and contribute to their local economy.

Ehren Richardson, Dir of Sunrise Wellness Vancouver & former Exec Director of CAMCD

"From the Frontlines: What consumers are saying. The local to International Perspective

saturday, Sept 5th - Time TBD

Ehren Richardson
Dir at Sunrise Wellness Vancouver/Former Exec Dir. of CAMCD

Ehren is the co-founder of Sunrise Cannabis in Vancouver, BC and former Vice President of the Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries (CAMCD), now known as ACCRES where he advocated for medical cannabis patients and a pathway to legalization.  

Prior to legalization his retail stores were known for its high-quality cannabis flower and concentrate from small batch farms and extract artists across Canada. An activist and entrepreneur, Ehren has navigated from the medical model to the recreational model in Canada’s retail cannabis industry and sees a failed provincial cannabis policy that will require a uniform voice from industry stakeholders to make the changes needed for us all to succeed.       

His insights and observations pertaining to buying habits during the legacy and current industry are incredibly relevant to producers today who struggle to connect with consumers. We are excited to have Ehren join us to share with our community of cannabis producers from the front lines.

Chris Campbell, founder of The Potorium

"From the Frontlines: What consumers are saying. The local to International Perspective

saturday, Sept 5th - Time TBD

Chris Campbell
Founder at The POTORIUM

With experience that includes 25 years growing, breeding (that began as a necessity to access high CBD cannabis for her son with epilepsy), processing of a wide array of products, Chris brings a wealth of experience to our speaker sessionsl 

She has proven experience Branding, Marketing, Selling cannabis to Medical Dispensaries throughout BC, and nationally to Canadians through the development of two high volume on-line stores, she’s the right addition to this already great panel. 

The opening of the highly successful Nelson Potorium originally as a Medical Dispensary in 2016, with over 60% vertically integrated product. In 2019, the POTORIUM transitioned into the now Recreational Cannabis Retail market. Chris’s first hand experience and direct market research does give her a unique insight into what products and companies are and are not succeeding in todays legal market.

Jameson WELBOURN, Founder & Managing Director of The Banyan Tree

Healing Herbal Blends with Cannabis

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Jameson Welbourn
Founder, The Banyan Tree

Jameson started his journey with this plant in 2007 and began consulting in the Canadian space in 2016. Having overseen large multi-million-dollar projects spanning across multiple countries and regulatory jurisdictions, including Canada, the United States and the Caribbean, Jameson is able to bring together the unique and coveted skill of understanding the pain points and goals of both the grow-room and the board-room.

Jameson’s experience with cultivation, post-harvest production, extraction, distribution, sales and financing, has earned him a strong reputation in both the traditional and the newly legal landscape both in Canada and the United States.

Jameson is a founding member of Alberta Cannabis Micro License Association, holds a Bachelor of Commerce, is a voice on several popular Cannabis podcasts, and is a natural connector of people.

Joshua Rutherford, Founder of The Science of Regenerative Organic Cannabis Cultivation Conference

Healing Herbal Blends with Cannabis

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Joshua "Dutch" Rutherford
Founder, Regenerative Seed Co.

Dutch is the leader of The Science of Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference. He runs the Regenerative Seed Co seed bank, and farms in Bellingham Washington with his family. His passion to preserve the natural places in the world has lead to educating farmers, growers, and gardeners.

Jeananne Laing, Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma Instructor at Elevated Learning Academy Inc.

Healing Herbal Blends with Cannabis

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Jeananne Laing
Registered Herbalist (AHA), Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Cannabis Educator

Seeing the emergence of medical cannabis in 2016, Jeananne sought to learn more about the humble herb, but found there to be a lack of courses on how to use cannabis for medical purposes. Understanding that her fellow herbalists would need to know about this plant, Jeananne created the Cannabis Medicine for Herbalists Certificate, which has been taught to over 400 students since 2017. She also spent several years as a medical cannabis educator at Harvest Medicine Clinic in Calgary learning from physicians who specialize in cannabinoid medicine.

Jeananne is currently the instructor and main content contributor of the Cannabis and Health Specialist Diploma program at Elevated Learning Academy. Jeananne has also co-written cannabis courses with Dr. Richa Love of CannU and Dr. Terry Willard of Wild Rose College. Jeananne is the author and instructor of Wild Rose College’s Nutrition 101 and Advanced Nutrition. She is a founding member and past president of the Alberta Herbalists Association, and served for many years as a board member with the Canadian Council of Herbalists Association.

Kaitlyn Fraser, Growth Manager at Pantheon Cannabis Group & Founder of Prism Equiptment

Healing Herbal Blends with Cannabis

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Kaitlyn Fraser
Growth Manager at Pantheon Cannabis Group
& Founder of Prism Equiptment

Kaitlyn Fraser, founder of Prism Equipment and Head of Partnerships for the Pantheon Cannabis Group, grew up in small-town Manitoba living the farming life. As the oldest of four children, she learned the value of a strong work ethic early on. 

Kaitlyn’s entrepreneurial road map hasn’t been an easy one. When her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer when she was only 17, Kaitlyn began investigating the medicinal use of cannabis in an attempt to help her father. Her passion for the plant grew the more she learned and with federal legalization on the horizon, Kaitlyn jumped into this booming yet uncertain industry. Losing her father at such a young age sparked a fire in her that led to creating Prism Equipment, and provided her the drive and perspective to push forward.

Kaitlyn is a networking maven and in her role as Head of Partnerships at Pantheon Cannabis Group, she is perfectly suited to traverse this rapidly growing and ever-changing industry. Standing out and making waves in a male-dominated industry can be difficult, but by genuinely appreciating those who work beside her, and holding an authentic passion for what she does, Kaitlyn has proved to be a natural leader and others are eager to support her, and her businesses.

Sami Majadla, CEO of CertiCraft

Healing Herbal Blends with Cannabis

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Sami Majadla
CEO of CertiCraft

Sami Majadla is the CEO of Certicraft compliance software. They are on a mission to help craft cannabis growers transition into and thrive within the regulated market. Their flagship product is a compliance platform called CertiCraft.

Their platform helps craft cannabis growers stay on top of all of their regulatory requirements and keeps them audit ready. They save countless hours and a ton of stress, and help protect their clients’ cultivation license, which takes years of hard work and often upwards of a million dollars to receive. 

This uniquely puts Sami in a position of speaking about the challenges faced in today’s market where compliance issues are top of mind for all parts of the regulated industry.


Jim Leslie, Founder of Kootenay Cannabis Tree speaks at the 2022 Unicorn Cup

Healing Herbal Blends with Cannabis

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Jim Leslie
Founder of Kootenays Cannabis Tree

Jim Leslie, has been involved with cannabis since about 1994. He started collecting published scientific studies on cannabis while finishing a degree in criminal justice at UFV. He then started a bong company in 1999 while selling cannabis and running an after hours bar in Abbotsford, B.C. He tripped and fell into a job as a border service officer for the Canada Border Services Agency while becoming an active member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, working for 10 years and 1 day before quitting to run a series of medical cannabis dispensaries, culminating in the creation of the Kootenay’s Medicine Tree dispensary which operated in Grand Forks and Nelson from 2014 to 2019, and then successfully transitioned into Nelson’s 1st licensed retail cannabis store: The Kootenays Cannabis Tree.

Jim, also a long term medical cannabis patient, has always been a supporter of small batch, craft cannabis and related products and believes the Kootenays and other cannabis producing regions across Canada and the USA will lead the way to a bright future with diverse product offerings, a good range of small, medium, and large companies succeeding in this new business space and an increasingly educated customer base across all parts of society. Seize the day!

Christian Clapton, Director of Sales and Marketing at Rosebud Cannabis Farms/Custom Cannabis

Healing Herbal Blends with Cannabis

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Christian Clapton
Director of Sales and Marketing at Rosebud Cannabis Farms/Custom Cannabis

Christian Clapton is a successful marketing executive business strategist and entrepreneur who partners with companies, communities, organizations and individuals to provide them with the guidance, marketing insights, technologies and strategies they need to reach the next level. A true entrepreneur, marketing expert and business visionary, he has led cannabis companies, digital marketing, technology, and Fintechs companies from 2-person start-ups to national award-winning companies.

Christian has always been inspired by two things in business. The first is finding solutions that help companies reach unprecedented growth. The second is the people he works with. Guided by the principles of compassionate leadership, Christian seeks to understand the people he is working with and then genuinely values their input in the pursuit of excellence for the project, the team and the organization. This approach has earned him the respect and loyalty of the teams he has worked with over his 20+-year career in executive leadership roles.

Ron Herrington, Gold Hat Seeds/Wildwood Cannabis Consulting

Healing Herbal Blends with Cannabis

Saturday, Sept 4th - Time TBD

Ron Herrington
Gold Hat Seeds/Wildwood Cannabis Consulting

40+ years in commercial nursery/seed production. Legacy cannabis for 50 years. Master grower and breeder. Ron Herrington AKA: Dr Pain is owner of Wildwood Cannabis Consulting. 45 years in commercial nursery/floral production & vegetable/flower seed. His first cannabis strain was “dog bud” in 1977. Working 81 strains currently going back 30+ years. Currently at Parkland Flower as Genetics/breeding/pheno hunt guy

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