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THE 5TH ANNUAL UNICORN CUP​ was a success!

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The Cannabis Community and Culture lives on. Thank you to all our promoters and friends for making this year memorable!

Unicorn Cup DJ and EDM Music Festival

Music & Education

The heart of cannabis culture is in music, people and expanding your mind to new heights. We invite you to join us in our celebration of Kootenay Cannabis Culture, great music, cool waters of Rosebud Lake and some of the most informed cannabis thought leaders in our space. Headliners are Stickybuds, Frase & Fawna and Sean Rodman for 2022!!!

Unicorn Cup Lakeside camping at Rosebud Lake

Lakeside Camping

Where the Kootenay Mountains surround Rosebud Lake, the Unicorn Cup waits to be discovered. Join the festival for an immersion into the spirit of cannabis and culture like no other place on Earth. Explore the meadows, lakefronts and main stage on the grounds to catch the magic of nature and our cannabis community.

Unicorn Cup Cannabis Comparison and Education Series

Cannabis Comparison

The expression of any strain can change depending on the production methods used and the nutrients and practices followed. Not only is the Kootenay region rich in cannabis history, its terroir contributes unique factors to our cannabis. Join us to see which approach creates your new favorite cannabis!

2022 music lineup


Our 2022 unicorn cup PROMOTERS

Supporting our cannabis community

This year we go recreational

Submit your best flower, hash, rosin, live resin or shatter and be a part of our Cannabis Comparison!

categories Accepting BC'S BEST CANNABIS SUBMISSIONS FROM legal, Licensed, standard/Micro-processors & Personal-Use acmpr producers!

2022 Cannabis education Speaker Series

At this year’s Unicorn Cup, our community of cannabis professionals are coming to talk about what you need to know to be competitive in today’s market. From regenerative growing to front line information from retailers we’ll be bringing some of the most knowledgeable in the game. 

We look forward to seeing you at the Main Stage to catch the line up of amazing knowledge drops from these Cannabis Unicorns of the Industry.  This is something not to be missed!

News & Announcements

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Thank you for making our 5th Annual event a success!

Thank you for joining us for an amazing THREE DAYS of lakeside camping and fun, enjoying the best of Kootenay’s cannabis culture while listening to a great music and cannabis speaker lineup.  We look forward to taking things to new heights next year and bringing together an amazing group of people to celebrate music, education, culture and cannabis!

Our 2022 unicorn cup PROMOTERS

Supporting our cannabis community